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Dr. Syed Fazlurrahman Kazmi

Dr. Syed Fazlurrahman Kazmi

Professor & HOD Amraze Jild wa Tazeeniyat

9860440624 Kazmisf@yahoo.co.in

  • Designation: Professor & HOD
  • Qualification: B.U.M.S., M.D. (Moalajat)
  • Date of Birth:07-07-1975
  • Registration no.: 08896
  • Experience:15 years & 3 months
  • Email id: Kazmisf@yahoo.co.in
  • Mob. No: 9860440624


  1. Honoured by secretary of AYUSH, Govt of India, New Delhi
  2. Honoured by advisor (Unani) , Govt. of India
  3. Honoured by Director General (Unani) of central council for research in Unani Medicine, India


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