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About Ilmul Adviya

Tibb-e-Unani is a repository of profound understanding of Health, Disease, Pharmacology and Therapy . Department of Ilmul Advia is the richest and developed discipline of Tibb-e-Unani. It describes detailed principles of pharmacology therapy as well as thousands of drugs of botanical, mineral & animal origin. Department of Ilmul Advia has a spacious Museum, Pharmacognosy lab and a beautiful Herbal Garden for the purpose of teaching and training of the students. Deptt. of Ilmul Advia has organized Ist Hakim Abdul Aziz Memorial Lecture on Our Experiences with Unani Medicines and Herbals: Heavy Metal Toxicity –Related Issues and Safety Concerns. by Prof. Abbas Ali Mehdi, Ex V.C., Era Medical University, Lucknow on 06/11 .2019. 


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