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About Amraze Jild wa Tazeeniyat

Deptartment of Amraz e Jild wa Tazeeniyat is one of the established departments of this institute functioning since 2006. Amraz e Jild wa Tazeeniyat is tantamount to skin and cosmetology in contemporary medicine; it is the pivotal specialty of Unani Medicine, as it deals with skin diseases and cosmetic problems with holistic approach. The Amraz e Jild wa Tazeeniyat specialty focuses on understanding the causes, concept of skin diseases and cosmetics with reference to the theories and concepts of Unani system of Medicine and management of all such ailments with its principles of treatment either by Ilaj Bil Dawa / and Ilaj Bit Tadbeer /and Ilaj bil Ghiza.

Department has set following objectives to execute at Graduation Level.

  • Teaching - sustaining the concepts and theories of Unani System of Medicine and understanding, interpreting and analyzing all such concepts with conventional sciences.
  • Training - the main emphasis of training is on patient care. It focuses on the adoptability of all skilled techniques and procedures described in Unani literature and also the methods and procedures of conventional sciences for diagnosing and treatment.
  • Research – focuses to provide evidence on the treatments mentioned in Unani literature including pharmacopeias, and validation of all such evidence based observations in an integrated manner with the help of conventional tools. 

At present – 

A project is running in the Department of Amraz e Jild wa Tazeeniyat, sponsored by Uttar Pradesh, Government and the administration are also trying to start Post graduation in this Department.


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