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About Mahiyatul Amraz

The Department of Mahiyat-ul-Amraz was the part of Moalijat as a subject named Ilmul Amraz. There was a was a well-established pathology lab in the college attached to its hospital from the period of management. A very famous pathologist Dr. T. Bahadur use to visit the college and hospital to teach the practical aspect of pathology to the students and to help the patients. In year 2013 in accordance with the order of Central Council of Indian Medicine, New Delhi, the Department of Mahiyat-ul-Amraz came into existence. Now we have well established department of Mahiyat-ul-Amraz at State Takmeel-ut-Tib College and Hospital, Lucknow. The Department has a well-established lab to teach the practical aspect of the subject and a department library too. 


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