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About Ilmul Saidla

Varoius posts related to the Department of Iilmul Saidla such as lecturer, reader, professor were created after establishing the Department of Iilmul Saidla. Department of Iilmul Saidla and its various posts such as demonstrator, lecturer, reader and professor were previously merged with Department of ilmul advia. The Department of Iilmul Saidla's related various posts such as demonstrator ( Iilmul Saidla), reader ( Ilmul Saidla), lecture (Ilmul Saidla) were included under Department of ilmul advia, but under the inherent provision of CCIM gazette notification dated 19-02-2013.The twelve (12) Departments of Unani system of medicine were increased to 14 Departments, after the promulgation of regulations of above-mentioned CCIM's gazette notification, the Department of Iilmul Saidla established as a independent Department in the Unani System Of Medicine. On the above context with Government order no- 4066/71, AYUSH-1-2013-529/2004 Lucknow, dated 15-10-2013, this Department of Iilmul Saidla was established as a independent newly created Department in State Takmeel Ut Tib College And Hospital, Lucknow. Dr Arshad Ali was appointed as incharge/ Head of the Department of Iilmul Saidla from the date of inception of this Department of Iilmul Saidla. Presently Dr. Arshad Ali is appointed as a reader/Associate Professor and head of the department of Iilmul Saidla. Dr. Shagufta Parveen is appointed as lecturer/Assistant Professor. The post of Professor Saidla is vacant. 


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