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About Kulliyat

The department of Kulliyat was established since very beginning with the starting of State Takmeel Ut Tib College Lucknow. The founder of STT College Late Hkm Abdul Aziz was renowned teacher of Kulliyat tib. This department deals with the most significant discipline of the Unani medicine having four subjects like Umoore Tabiya, Tarikh-e-tib (History of Unani medicine), Arabic-mantiq wa falsafa (logic and philosophy) and communication skill at undergraduate level. The basic fundamentals of Unani medicine i;e Umoore Tabiya covers the seven pillars Arkan, Mizaj, Akhlat, Aza, Arwah, Quwa and Afal. Without these seven pillars we can’t imagine the existence of the human body according to the Unani Medicine. The history of department of Unani medicine, physicians and scholars are also concerned with this department. For the better understanding and propagation of Unani medicine knowledge of Arabic language and Mantiq wa falsafa (logic and philosophy) is must because the original resources of Unani medicine are in Arabic language and based on mantiq wa falsafa. For the development and propagation of Unani medicine in present era communication skills are necessary. So the communication skills subject is also concerned with this department.


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